How to make frozen tuna? “Atlantic Bluefin Tuna”

Frozen TUNA (Atlantic Bluefin Tuna) / HARAKAMI

There are 3 steps to making frozen tuna (Atlantic Bluefin Tuna)

1 st : Offshore operation.
2 nd : Cutting operation.
3 rd : Grazing operation & storage.

1 st : Offshore operation

Bleed the tuna / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Immediately kill the tuna swimming in the net so as not to raise the body temperature.
Bleed the tuna by cutting or ripping the gills.
Cut the tuna’s head to kill nerves.
“This is done to delay rigor mortis and keep maximize freshness of the tuna.”
Tuna goes into ice water.

We do each work carefully and quickly.

Kill nerves / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

2 nd : Cutting operation

Tuna cut for 5 pieces / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Divide into bones, two bellies, and two backs.
Put the after cut tuna on the shelves for freezing.
Use the L board, so that it does not deform.

After cut tuna put on shelves / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

Within about 5 hours after operation offshore, the door of the quick freezer (-60) will be closed and freezing will begin.
We do each work carefully and quickly.

3 rd : Grazing operation & storage

Grazing operation / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

A film of water is formed on the tuna to protect its quality even during frozen storage.
Store in a freezer below -50 degrees.

Storage / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

How to check the quality of frozen tuna?

Take a 5mm slice with a band saw that cuts frozen tuna and check.

Frozen tuna slice / Atlantic Bluefin Tuna